National Polishcrete

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"Green" Building

Reduce the Environmental Impact

Today's builders and contractors are searching for alternative construction methods that offer long term solutions using green design, as well as new ways to reduce costs. Alternative construction methods that are earth friendly as well as cost effective make concrete polished floors an outstanding alternative to traditional floor coverings. Concrete is a naturally "green" and sustainable product.

Polishing is a simple and effective process that eliminates and replaces traditional floor systems. Since polishing only removes a thin layer of concrete surface and can make it virtually maintenance free for an average of 20 years, it's the perfect "green" floor system.



Floor coverings such as paints, coatings, tile, VCT tile, hardwood and carpet all have limited life cycles. They eventually need to be removed and replaced, repeating the original cycle. Ultimately, the removed materials end up in landfills posing future environmental hazards.

Polished concrete, however, uses the existing concrete slab as the base for an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting floor system.


No Harmful Chemicals

Traditional floor systems are heavily dependent on hazardous chemicals, adhesives, strippers, and other chemicals used in the manufacturing and installation of carpets, tiles, coatings, and other flooring. Polishing eliminates the need to use any of these potentially harmful substances and uses the floor itself to make any room look great. Polishing requires little extra construction materials and effectively reduces the project's environmental impact.