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In this current economy and the new era of sustainability, many owners and developers are opting to utilize existing space in lieu of new construction. One of the most important factors in choosing an existing location is the condition of the concrete floors.

At National Polishcrete we believe the concrete floor slab is the most important feature of any building. The degree of degradation of the floor will be a major factor in site selection. If a concrete slab has been constructed on a suitable base, it can be rehabilitated. From minor joint repair to a decorative polish, National Polishcrete can restore functionality and include any enhancements you may desire.

Terrazzo Rehabilitation


You can now bring back the original beauty of your existing terrazzo floors. Regain the benefits for which the significant initial investment was made. Let National Polishcrete show you how to return your terrazzo to the beautiful, yet nearly maintenance free flooring it was intended to be.

Using modern chemistry and equipment we will change your daily routine to dry mopping only, under most conditions. Weekly scrubbing with a low ph cleaner should be all the cleaning necessary. There is no need to allow wax or cleaner residue to build up and dull your floors luster any longer. This only makes the floors more expensive to maintain over time.

We will also recommend a guideline for you to follow for years of benefit and beauty.